You are hearing more and more today about super foods. What is a super food, you ask? Will I be able to live longer with these super foods? Do they give me a super-power that I’ve been missing? No, ~not exactly anyway~ but in a way, yes, they are giving you a longer more fulfilling lifestyle!

A super food is essentially a food with a very high concentration of any number of nutrients that have properties which promote health and well-being. Think of a food that is high in antioxidants, phytonutrients, macro and micro-nutrients, adaptogens, and immunity system supportive properties. For instance, beta-glucans found in the mycelium or the root system of certain types of mushrooms or like maca powder used for “tired blood (anemia) or chronic fatigue syndrome to enhance energy and stamina, athletic performance and memory as well. These foods are hard to find in your everyday diet and therefore you don’t get these wonderful super-foods unless you are actively seeking them out. I chose the picture here to show you that you can get super foods right at your grocery store too! But wait, I have more to tell you.

I have decided to share with you a few of the super-foods that are found in my favorite meal of the day ~ Shakeology. My husband and I have been drinking Shakeology for over 3 years and we have never felt better. It is the best meal of our day with a daily dose of dense nutrition. More energy, less cravings and no mental fatigue. We are living prof that Shakeology is our #1 friendly health avocation and our way to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The mushroom extract that I talked about above from the mycelium of mushrooms, that’s right, it’s in Shakeology. Maca powder, yep, also found in Shakeology, Adaptogens—plants like maca root—that adapt themselves to harsh conditions, and therefore carry highly concentrated nutrients that can help provide energy to assist your body in coping with stress. Shakeology’s nourishing protein blend includes superfoods like sacha inchi and flax, rich in fiber to help control your appetite. Sourced from around the world with fair trade farming, antioxidants like camu-camu and phytonutrients like moringa work to detoxify your body, support the immune system, and may even help slow down the aging process. In fact there are more than 70 super-nutritious ingredients. Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals to help reduce hunger and food cravings. Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help detoxify and protect the body against free radical damage. Adaptogens herbs to help increase energy and combat stress. Shakeology is packed with fiber, natural prebiotics, and probiotics, like yacon root and bacillus coagulans, that increase the presence of “good bacteria” in your intestines to improve digestion and keep you “regular.”

Some of these super-foods can’t be found in the regular grocery store and even more disconcerting, is that the foods found in the middle of the “food” or grocery store, is not even real “ food”! Chemicals made in a lab to give shelf life to your food. Preservatives, food coloring’s, flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners. These are NOT REAL FOOD! We have gotten so far away from the taste of good food, that no one likes the wholesome “real food” anymore, because we don’t know what real food tastes like. Real food, meaning whole foods, in their present state after being picked off the vine or ground into flour or shelled and eaten immediately, are what your body “craves!”

Convenience over homemade…. it has to be fast, instead of made with love and pure foods. Taste is everything and no one even questions “What’s really in my food.” I have even heard “I don’t care what’s in my food, I like the taste and don’t want to change that.” Even my kids are having a hard time giving up some “foods”.

The point is, you really do need whole foods that you can buy at the grocery store, and super-foods only add to our nutrient deficient diet. As americans, we are nutrient deficient and our health care crisis proves that these chemical laden foods are harming us in many different ways. We really need to stay away from these nutrient deficient foods laden with harmful chemicals and care about our health and therefore claim our rights to nutrient dense foods. Including these super-foods in our diet not only helps our health now and in our future, but how we live out the rest of our lives ~ to the fullest with more vibrant energy and less disease and pain ~

Yes, you can depend on the whole foods that you buy in the grocery store, and yes you can rely on these foods to get you the nutrients that you need. But really, is that all you eat? No, is the correct answer. You eat all those chemicals in the middle of the grocery store as well as other nutrient deficient foods.  If you never eat fast food, or stay away form the middle of the grocery isles and you drink only Fuji bottled water, then you don’t need these added super-foods like goji berry and maca root.  Although, the air we breath is different than it was 100 years ago…the water is not the same… the soil is not the same. Produce grown here has about 25% of the nutrients than it did 100 years ago. What do you think? You know what you need for you and your family and only you know.

So my suggestion is…  Stop smoking, eat nutrient dense foods, hydrate with water, exercise everyday and you will see not only better health but a reverse in your current state of health and even a reverse aging effect. If you think you can’t afford whole foods or super foods, then just remember how much the is cost when your family members go to the hospital for some disease that could have been prevented with healthy eating and exercise. It really is that simple. You eat food. Which foods you chose, has a direct effect on your health now and later in life as well.

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