So, we have tried to do this Gluten-Free diet for a while now.  My daughter Maegan and I that is.  Maegan says she notices a big difference in how she feels when she sticks to her gluten free ways. Then when she strays, her stomach hurts and she gets, in her words, “gassy”. So I am letting her continue to eat gluten free to see how she does in the long run. I am also eating less gluten and am not sure how I am feeling, only that I am a little better off because I’m not eating so many GMO’s.  Every once in a while Maegan slips up and complains later or the next day of how she was feeling. Complaining of her stomach and bloating. I’m not sure if it has gotten worse or if it is because we have cut it out completely from her diet until she slips up and she is just noticing more now, because she is aware of what she is eating and when.

Maegan has been more conscience about what she is eating and therefore making better choices. Except for candy.  Candy is her vise. Her one true love. Sugar is addictive and she needs to get off of sugar. I can’t seem to get her to break the habit. Sugar is very addictive, and you can have withdrawal symptoms coming off of sugar. I found a good explanation here on WebMD

Theses days, you can’t keep your kids from seeing sugar. It is at school everyday, as a reward, for lunch or snacks, games they play in school, cookies, cakes, ice cream parties! It is in the grocery store checkout isle. You just can’t get away from it! Sugar is actually in everything that we eat. Cereal, tomato sauce & ketchup, anything that is in a jar, can or a box has up to 5 kinds of sugar in it. As preservatives, dextrose, sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or just a sugar. They all act the same with in your body.

So you look for low sugar items. Really anything that is a carbohydrate also acts like a sugar. If you are not using those carbohydrates right away as energy, they are converted into, you guessed it, SUGAR! Now, if your body doesn’t need the sugar for energy right away, how does you body store it for later???? You may have already guessed this. It stores unused sugars as FAT.  “WHAT”? you say.  The food industry knows this? But they took fat out of our food decades ago so that we could lose weight as a country, right? As you know, when you take out the fat, you take out the flavor. So what did the food industry do? They added in lots of sugar! You say, “But if sugar is stored as fat, why did they take out the FAT? Answer: To make is look as if they were doing something good for you and helping out our society. In reality, they were doing no such public service. In fact, they were trading one bad food for another, that does the same thing in our bodies, make us FAT!!!  It is why to this day, if I am getting something with fat in it, I do not get the FAT FREE, I get full fat and eat small portions, use products that have a lower sugar content in them or make my own. You can make your own “anything”! From dressings to almond milk to tomato sauce and more!

Making your own is the best possible scenario. Who has the time? Where do I get the ingredients from? How much is this going to cost? Well… It takes me about 5-6 minutes now to make my almond milk, 10 minutes to make my own tomato sauce, 4 minutes to make my own homemade salad dressing… so do you see a pattern here? It takes less time than you think right? Ingredients you can get at the grocery store where you buy all your other items or specialty items can be found on line and delivered right to your door! Cost?? Well, you may pay a little less to a little more depending on how thrifty you are and where you live if ingredients are hand or not.  You grocery bill may go down or up about 3% as a result. Think about this. What you are feeding your family is making you eat more. The more you eat the more your grocery bill goes up. Cutting sugar out of your diet gives you less cravings and you buy less foods and then your grocery bill will go down. Does this make sense to you?

I want to leave you with peace of mind. You can decide for yourself what is better for you. But know that the facts are, sugar is addictive and it makes you crave more sugar. Take sugar out of your diet for 10 days! Can you do 10 days without sugar? It’s pretty impossible isn’t it? I dare you to do it for 10 days and keep a journal. Let me know how you are feeling! I’d love to know 🙂