That is me(on the left), Mai Lynn Martin, 2009 on a beach in Miami, FL, after Darrell and I had just visited the Keys. I was supposed to have lost weight before that trip and I had lost a few pounds but not even close to what I was hoping for. I had no real plan and no way of holding myself accountable, no coach and was basically at a loss of what to do. I was 39. I kept hearing, “It’s harder to get the weight off after you turn 40, but I just couldn’t get if off even before I turned 40. I would get on the elliptical for 45 minutes and lift a few weights with exercised that I knew, but I had no results. It was and always has been my diet. I needed to clean it up… my diet I mean.

I cleaned up my diet, then started with walking and then began to run.  I found a coach and started on Shakeology and P90X soon followed. Within 5 months I had dropped 25 pounds. Hence the after picture(on the right). I did my 1st Tough Mudder after 90 days of P90X and it blew my mind. I never thought I would do something so epic and it has changed my life forever. I was stronger, I had more definition, I had made a habit for life! I did two more Tough Mudders, a half marathon and countless 5k races with my family. I pushed myself further and harder than I ever thought possible. Yes, it was uncomfortable and at times very trying while training, but… I did it! I learned that you can push yourself further than you think you can and that you have to do it for nobody else except YOU!

This year I completed a three day ski trip with over 10 hours on the slopes and I was hardly sore since I workout on a daily basis! I also went to New Mexico recently and hiked, skied and hiked some more and even a little more. I love that I am sore when I workout, it let’s me know that I’m working out correctly and that I’m alive! Then, when I do something like a ski weekend, or a week of hiking and skiing… I am not that weekend warrior who wakes up sore and not able to move the next day! Exhausted, but not sore! 🙂

There are people out there that this fitness “stuff” is second nature, but for those of us who aren’t self motivators and need a little extra something, there’s is a Fitness Coach for you! That would be ME if you didn’t figure that out yet… I’m your motivator, your guide to food and what’s healthy. I am here to help you with whatever health issues and questions that you may have.

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