Why Massage?

Massage Therapy is important because it helps alleviate the effects of stress that pile up on your body every day. Without you even knowing it, stressors can cause physiological responses in your body and can wear on your immune system. Everything from headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, body aches, high blood pressure, fatigue, poor circulation, and inability to concentrate can be rooted in daily stress. Massage Therapy can help with all of these maladies and more.


Massage Therapy – particularly on a regular basis – can help your body more easily tune in to its healing processes. The optimal regimen is a weekly massage, but bimonthly or even monthly massage can be effective in reducing stress, alleviating pain, and restoring a healthy balance. Once you know what true relaxation feels like, your body will more easily be able to achieve it when stressors appear. The stresses and strains of modern living have given massage new recognition and acceptance as part of an overall beneficial plan for maintaining good health.

Benefits of Massage

  • Relaxes muscles and improves circulation
  • Increases range of motion
  • Reduces emotional & physical stress
  • Stretches the ligaments and tendons
  • Soothes arthritis pain
  • Relieves the pain of fibromyalgia
  • Rids you of migraine and tension headaches
  • Relieves pain caused by the sciatic nerve
  • Soothes sore muscles
If you are a pro football player or a member of a hockey team, you need the benefits of a great massage, but you don’t need to be either of these to receive the benefits of massage. Are you a mother lifting groceries and babies or a construction worker climbing about and using heavy tools all day?  Then you can benefit physically from massage therapy. Are you a person who sits behind a desk, bombarded by stressful phone calls or a person who works against a constant deadline?  Then you qualify to beat the stress with massage therapy.

The concept of Wellness is when a person takes personal responsibility for his or her health care regime. Wellness is a preventive plan in which one makes a conscious effort to recognize conditions, situations, and practices that may affect health positively or negatively, be it exercise, nutrition, or rest and relaxation needs. The accumulative effects of not taking care of oneself causes illness which is brought on by stress. The effects of massage are cumulative in that the more you receive massage, the more benefits you will realize.

I use all organic coconut oil and the purest essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs for massage therapy, and for aroma therapy I use Awaken Essential Oils sprayed around the room.  My research is based on purity because I only want the best for my clients.

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