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The concept of Wellness is when a person takes personal responsibility for his or her health care regimen. Wellness is a preventative plan in which one makes a conscious effort to recognize conditions, situations, and practices that may affect health positively or negatively, be it exercise, nutrition, or rest and relaxation needs. The accumulative effects of not taking care of oneself causes illness which is brought on by stress. The effects of massage are cumulative in that the more you receive massage, the more benefits you will realize.

There are so many massage therapists that have a one size fits all approach. I not only listen to my clients to tailor my massage approach to fit each individual client, I also take time to explain which modalities I may use and communicate pressure techniques as well as how it works in the body.

All of my massage services are very competitively priced and are based on the frequency of your visits.  A range of $35 for 30 mins to $65 for 60 minutes, is the lowest price in Beaver for all the different modalities that I use to tailor each individual massage. Ask about discounts on scheduling weekly or bi-monthly massage to speed you on your way to wellness. Receiving massage on a regular basis saves you money and gives you greater benefits! 

Also, extended massages, up to 90 minutes, are available upon request. Prices vary depending on specific treatments, combinations, as well as frequency. Gift certificates are available for everyone and they fit every personality, size and occasion!

All massages are performed with all organic coconut oil and shea-butter as well as essential oils selected specifically to leave you feeling light, airy and refreshed. Our aromatic essential oils, candles and soft music will help set the mood, and a hot towel is provided, upon request, so you can go back to work or continue your normal day without feeling oily or coated.

Swedish MassageSwedish Massage – perfect for general relaxation and stress relief. Swedish massage is performed along the entire back and includes extended strokes, kneading, and pressure stimulation to release toxins from the muscles and promote healthier blood flow. If you’re looking for the “standard” massage, this is it!


Deep Tissue / Sports MassageTherapeutic Massage – helps speed recovery of sore muscles and muscle injury. We use stretching and deep muscle massage to ease the pain and encourage faster rehabilitation. We address not only the specific injured muscle but all related muscles to foster a whole-body recovery.

Hot Stone Therapy MassageHot Stone Therapy Massage – deep heat to targeted areas for an amazing result. Hot stone therapy is an ancient technique that radiates heat deep into specific muscle cores for the most penetrating relaxation. Relaxing oils help open the body to the hot stone treatment.

Chair MassageChair Massage – you pick the place, we bring the chair. These are wonderful, short 20 minute massages perfect for mid-day reinvigoration and tension release. We’ll visit your office or place of business to treat employees or customers to a soothing reward. Consider chair massage for your special events too. Minimum requirement of 9 and maximum of 15 massages. Corporate price for chair massage is $1 per minute plus $35 travel time. I will travel up to 30 minutes away!


Pregnancy MassagePregnancy Massage – the benefits are endless for expectant mothers! Prenatal massage helps ease fatigue and back pain, relaxes sore calf muscles, and comforts sore and overworked feet. Coupled with a massage pillow designed specifically for pregnant clients, our techniques help treat edema, varicose veins, postural changes and other aches and pains that moms-to-be may be having. When an expectant mother is relaxed by massage, she is more likely to be happy and healthy and, in turn, is more likely to grow a healthy baby.

Therapeutic Massage (A mix of modalities tailored around you and your needs, including Swedish)

  • Head, neck and shoulders (approx. 30 minutes) $35
  • Full body massage (approx. 60 minutes) $65
  • Extended full body massage (approx. 90 minutes) $90

Hot Stone Massage

  • Full body massage (approx. 60 minutes) $80
  • Extended full body massage (approx. 90 minutes) $110

Pregnancy massage

  • Full body massage (approx. 60 minutes) $70
  • Extended full body massage (approx. 75 minutes) $80


a-hot-packHomemade Moist Heat Packs – We now have available a local, homemade Moist Heat Packs that are both infused with all-natural lavender and lots of love! Heat is an effective tool when managing both acute and chronic injuries. It can sooth and relax muscles in addition to increasing circulation to the targeted area. Moist heat reigns supreme in its ability to penetrate deeper into the muscles to relax tightness and increase circulation to the area through vasodilation. Fits around neck and drapes over your shoulders or can be made to drape across the lower back also. Come in to see and order yours to your specifications! Starts at only $25

These are perfect gifts for mom, aunty, grandma or grandpa too, and can be put in the freezer for cold application as well!



Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you with your credit card. If you are unable to keep your appointment, a 24 hour notice is required. Missed appointments and cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, are charged your full appointment time.


American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)Call or Text me during business hours, Thank you!

Massage by appointment only. Appointment times are available below.

  • Mon. – Fri ~  I will take my first client as early as 10:00 a.m. and the last client’s end time at 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, Sunday, Closed

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