Meet Meg! The one who created Herban Touch Juice Lab. Meg is from Beaver County, studied Sociology in Grove City, worked in Beaver at Biba, Cafe Kolache and worked at Whole Foods.  She was very eager to learn all she could about how the body is a great healing vessel, once you put the right things into it, and so, did a great deal of studying on her own.  Having her own health concerns she poured herself into learning all she could, studying the different avenues and cultures of food as medicine. She has been studying and learning ever since, even doing a 3 month stent in Colorado, having a great holistic geared experience there, as well as skiing the slopes! Not sure what that has to do with the juice bar thingy, but I’m throwing it out there as a fellow skier of the slopes 🙂

The Herban Touch Juice Lab offers several different juice combinations for your taste buds. That is not all they offer though. They have some great spring salads, hummus, immunity shots, smoothies, and other alchemy concoctions as well as great organic, GMO and GF snacks! Come in for lunch and pick up a yummy spring salad with great flavors picked out to complement the homemade dressings, add some hummus for protein and an organic snack for dessert. Oh yeah, then there’s the juices. Let’s find out a little about that shall we?

Most of the produce that they use comes from Sirna & Sons, using the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 method. You can check that out and get a free pocket guide here!

  • Sun Salute  – A mixture of Mangoes, Cranberries, Lemons, Turmeric, Purified Water, (organic)Raw Agave Nectar ~ This juice contains anti-inflammatory and helpful digestive properties and is high in Vitamin A. The agave nectar is safe for diabetics as the glycemic index is very low. The taste is a surprisingly sweet even with the tartness of the cranberries, lemons and the different flavor of the turmeric. For some reason, my mouth is watering as I write about this tart juice!
  • Snipits – With Grapefruits, Parsnips, Flowering Kale and Coriander Essential oil ~ Find your way here because everyone has a toxic level of heavy metals or has a few pounds to lose. The Kale is also very alkalizing creating more balance in your system to fight for health within. As for the flavor it is definitely different with the parsnips and coriander flavors, but is rounded out by the wonderful refreshing flavor of grapefruit and yes, even the kale. I do love kale and there are so many good things about kale.
  • Nano 590 – A very scientific name behind this one. ~ The Orange vibrates at 590 Nanometers  This juice includes the orange of course! Oranges heighten your energy levels giving you a great pick-me-up, and this juice is very yummy with the spearmint oil. You can also taste the ginger and carrots and somehow it all comes together for a great pick!
  • Chlorophyll – A simple one here with apples, organic spinach and Lemongrass oil. Lemongrass is know to have properties to rebuild ligaments and tendons and is a great post workout recovery drink. Also very yummy too!
  • Bloody Valentine – This one is high in Antioxidants with the beets, strawberries & red bell peppers, and with the Fair Trade Cacao & Vanilla Bean and then the Spearmint oil, you have so many flavors coming at you all at once. Some people only taste a couple of things in the juice. For instance, I only tasted the bell peppers and the beets, but others will taste only the strawberries and vanilla bean. This one is definitely a ~ must try it for yourself!
  • Emerald Coast – Named is part for the color and for the coastal algae and sea salt, with the Bartlett pears, cucumbers, limes, Spirulina, Rosemary Essential Oil and Pink Himalayan Pink salt, you get hit with a refreshing taste bud overload! The rosemary is known for boosting the brain function and has been recommended for those who suffer with ADHD. This one is also good for inflammation and aids in digestion. It worked for me the day after I got back from New Mexico and all that fiery food and indigestion. I had it right after my hot water with lemon in the morning and have felt back to normal ever since.
  • Smoky Bull –  Tomatoes, celery, lemons, fennel, garlic, fresh basil, wasabi, smoked Himalayan Pink salt.  Essentially a bloody Mary health kick style! Very energizing and wakes you up. Nice and spicy with a huge hint of garlic. This one also ~ a must try for yourself! Yum!

So many flavors hit you all at once, try to pick them out after each sip you take. Grab your favorite juice on the go or pick up a 6 pack for the week! If you’re looking for flavor galore, you have to step into the 21st century Beaver County, and try for yourself the Herban Touch Juice Lab. I dare you to try the Woodland Nymph or In The Shrubs or even the Ningxia sparkler. Feeling a little under the weather, try the immunity shots to get you back on your feet and back to life!

Whatever your reason, come to Beaver to check out this new “juice bar thingy”!! I just bet your taste buds will thank you, and your body, heck, it might even start to do cartwheels!